When you have to wake up early on the weekend to do schoolwork >.<

Happy April Fool’s…except that title wasn’t a joke. ha. Have to type up my abstracts and hopefully get started on work due tomorrow. I’m not complaining much though..yesterday was awesome, from family coming  and taking me out for groceries, $, celebrating dad’s birthday, and now having red velvet cake and all our coffee ingredients in the fridge, to getting my new MH dollies and finally touching/getting to hold a basic Abbey. I am not even that tired now..though I bet it’s from the high leftover feeling of yesterday. Rents just left about half an hr ago, now am settling down to type..lovely. things I must remember to do tomorrow:/mon

  • go to bank
  • put gas
  • register for classes
  • go to kmart/target (either today or tomorrow)
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